Botched Ecce Homo

Posted on April 27, 2013

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Show your friends you have humor with one of the mess ups of the century, the woman who tried to restore a painting of Jesus by herself and didn’t do a good job. By ruining an old reminiscence of  Christianity she managed to become extremely popular on the internet and ultimately became a meme. Now you can be part of this internet culture by showing that you too have humor and appreciate the good jokes in life, even if they are more cynical or ironic.

With this cool iPhone case, you have that exact painting, but recreated, on the cover of your phone for your own amusement whenever you go. However, beware as some might be a bit more sensitive to the joke than you are. In the end this is a funny mishap and we should all celebrate a good joke, especially when the one who made it never intended to.

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