Labyrinth Case

This nice marine blue iPhone case will brighten your day and will definitely make your phone look more interesting. Also, the Greek pattern will definitely remind you of their astonishing architecture or a Labyrinth, it depends on what you see. Just make sure that your friends don’t grab a pen and try to solve that labyrinth when you are not looking.

Fashion Cover For iPhone

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When you want to be in good terms with all those fashion trends, you need to make sure that your accessories respect what’s hot right now. And why not “dress” your iPhone the fashionable way too? You will absolutely fall in love with this case. You can keep it protected from all types of harm including bumps, scratches and hits while maintaining a cool look.  This way, you can be absolutely sure that your phone is fabulous too.

As you can see the design is absolutely lovely, with a nice combination of colors in a very modern style. With such a modern look your phone will look even better and this case has the advantage of not being to flashy, thus keeping you from taking it to work. It also works great with all outfits so there won’t be a matching problem if you want to dress up with anything special.

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Rainbow Wood

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For the colorful personality, this beautifully textured and very loudly designed iPhone 5 case offers a great look. The wooden pattern that is not simply wood colored, but with many shades that make your phone stand out is well made from a material that will not only be light weight but also sleek and very comfortable to handle. This is the fancy way you get to protect your favorite phone and it definitely says style and youth. If you are a bit on the crazy side or a bit on the artsy side, or you simply love colorful things, this cool Rainbow wood iPhone 5 case will make you fall in love with it as there is nothing like it on the market. It has an amazing feel to it but it also matches up any style, be it vintage, retro or simply hipster. Also, you can wear it with more professional clothes if you want a bit of color in your life.

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Labato For iPhone 5S

I’m a big fan of these products as I bought a few of the Labato products both for myself and for my acquaintances. The delivery is super-fast and that’s one aspect that I admire as I can be sure that I get my product in time for whatever event I want it for. Another aspect that keeps me coming every time is the customer support.

Paint Color Box

Are you feeling artsy today? Are you feeling artsy every day? Well, this iPhone 5 Case will surely satisfy that artist soul you have. Whether you are a painter or just somebody with a great imagination you will simply love this colorful case and it makes your iPhone look like a painting kit with lots of colors and mixes on it.

Girly Bow on Turquoise

You can now protect your phone with this lovely and glamorous cover that seems to be suited for a princess. If you are a girl that loves everything that is sparkly this cute iPhone 5 case is everything you need to look glamorous enough for any event. The case has a large diamond bow that is surrounded with beautiful sparkly silver metal studs and crystals on a beautiful turquoise background.

Wise Owl

Be funky with this cool funky owl. This colorful buddy is just the thing you need to match your hipster outfit with and you can never fail in terms of style when it comes to this cover. Owls are always great and mysterious so if you want to portray that or your passion for these amazing creatures, this cool iPhone 5 cover is just the right thing to match your phone with. Also, let’s not forget that owls are the symbol of wisdom.


Price $24.99 

This cool Chevron style iPhone case is perfect for those who want a bit of color on their phone, but don’t want to go over the edge with crazy designs. The great thing about it is that it has a pretty style that doesn’t look unprofessional so that you can use it in a work environment too without looking like you want attention. The Chevron style has been used for hundreds of years and seems to be one of the most used styles of decoration because of its simple lines and the fact that it can support millions of color combinations. This particular model features beautiful combinations of fuchsia, blue, carmine red and white in a beautiful eye catching pattern. It has a very elegant feel to it so it can be a beautiful addition to your overall look, especially when you want your accessories to look more lively and fashionable.

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Universal Defender

Price $23 

Available in a variety of color duos, this iPhone case comes to protect your device from scratches, dust infiltration, grease, water or mechanical shocks while also enabling you to make easy use of all its functions and providing you with a good grip sensation, due to the dotted back cover pattern.

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Price $25 

Featured by a brightly colored design inspired from the natural world, the Peacock model has been created especially for teenagers and daring personality grown ups. The flexible silicone shell with raised patterns provide both an easy-to-hold grip and a high level of protection.

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Price $24,95 

Do you want to protect your iPhone and provide it with a trendy electrifying look at the same time? This is exactly what you can do with this solid vinyl iPhone case, available in two chromatic versions – green and white.

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Spring Flower

Price $1,98 

An elegant floral design, matching girlish colors, and high quality raw materials are the main features of the Spring Flower case model – the perfect choice to protect your trendy device.

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Psychedelic Circles

Price $24,99  

With a totally psychedelic look, featured by vivid colors, geometrical patterns and a daring, yet exquisite eye for design, this iPhone case model brings along maximum protection against scratches, dust infiltration and the shock caused by falling.

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Chevron IKAT

Price $35 

Available in different versions of the same geometrical pattern, this iPhone case is a highly stylish one. Its colors combination and easy-to-use features make it suitable for all those who are looking for a comfortable, qualitative and stylish accessory.

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Pink Flowers

Price $35 

The ultimate girlish accessory, this model is featured by an artistic pink flowers design. Bohemian feminine spirits with an eye for technical benefits will certainly appreciate this one.

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Roundabout Black by Cinda B

Price $35 

Providing at the same time maximum protection and classical elegance with a touch of modern style and a girlish look, this iPhone case suits the taste of nowadays’ fashionistas.

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Year of the Dragon CandyShell for iPhone 4S/4

Price $34,95 

All fans of the Chinese horoscope have now a way of showing off with their knowledge in one of the most ancient sciences of the world. But this rubber iPhone case model is not solely for them. The golden dragon standing out on a glossy red background can provide you with a touch of class and extreme elegance.

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Papagaio Iphone Case

Price: $25 

Featured by a brightly colored design inspired from the speaking birds’ world, the Papagaio model is perfect for eccentric teenagers and vivid personality adults. High quality protection is ensured by the silicone shell with raised wing-pattern that provides an easy-to-hold grip.

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