Labyrinth Case

This nice marine blue iPhone case will brighten your day and will definitely make your phone look more interesting. Also, the Greek pattern will definitely remind you of their astonishing architecture or a Labyrinth, it depends on what you see. Just make sure that your friends don’t grab a pen and try to solve that labyrinth when you are not looking.

Rainbow Wood

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For the colorful personality, this beautifully textured and very loudly designed iPhone 5 case offers a great look. The wooden pattern that is not simply wood colored, but with many shades that make your phone stand out is well made from a material that will not only be light weight but also sleek and very comfortable to handle. This is the fancy way you get to protect your favorite phone and it definitely says style and youth. If you are a bit on the crazy side or a bit on the artsy side, or you simply love colorful things, this cool Rainbow wood iPhone 5 case will make you fall in love with it as there is nothing like it on the market. It has an amazing feel to it but it also matches up any style, be it vintage, retro or simply hipster. Also, you can wear it with more professional clothes if you want a bit of color in your life.

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Electrical Outlet

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You can always feel and look different with a case like this. This cool Electrical Outlet iPhone 5 case is definitely what you need when trying to stand out with your style. It’s made with a smooth finish that will not feel very bulky while offering you the best protection you need for your iPhone, so it’s absolutely perfect. Get this cool case and you will never be cooler. Shortly, everybody will want to have one that looks the same. It’s so realistic people might want to plug their electronics in your phone. Even if you don’t feel like this is your style, it’s definitely a funny and cool gift for someone who owns an iPhone and they will always remember you as that person who knows what an interesting gift means.

The case is durable and made out of hard plastic while being very lightweight, just perfect to protect your phone thoroughly.

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Labato For iPhone 5S

I’m a big fan of these products as I bought a few of the Labato products both for myself and for my acquaintances. The delivery is super-fast and that’s one aspect that I admire as I can be sure that I get my product in time for whatever event I want it for. Another aspect that keeps me coming every time is the customer support.

I Ate Some Pie

Are you a total geek? Do you know someone who is and also has an iPhone? Get this cool case for you or your friend and you will totally melt that geek soul. You don’t really need to tell people what’s the catch here, just let them figure it out themselves and it can really be a conversation started. What the message actually says is “I ate some Pie” but it kind of takes a geek to figure it out and they will surely love a bit of mystery.

Drink Beer And Carry On

Sometimes life gets hard, and when it does, we should all have some place to go. Some go to the church or a psychologist, while others prefer to go to the pub. This lightweight and cool iPhone 5 case is definitely for those who like going to the pub. It’s also the right case for those who have a special relationship with beer. It comes with a cool yellow design that reminds us of, well, beer and has a cute message that mocks the “keep calm” that started from the classic British World War II propaganda.

Mustache With Glasses

Be the hipster you want to be, a glamorous one, with this cool iPhone case that will totally impress those around you. In baby blue color and with a hip touch to it, the case will certainly show off your interesting personality. It comes with the moustache and vintage style glasses, but not in a simple way, in a very glamorous sparkly way, just perfect for those nights in the club. When in doubt, just add glitter to any of your outfits and everything will be ok.

Paint Color Box

Are you feeling artsy today? Are you feeling artsy every day? Well, this iPhone 5 Case will surely satisfy that artist soul you have. Whether you are a painter or just somebody with a great imagination you will simply love this colorful case and it makes your iPhone look like a painting kit with lots of colors and mixes on it.

LIKE Thumb

Everybody likes Facebook and everybody you know probably uses it. One of the most popular social media website, Facebook is definitely the hip nowadays and people who don’t have an account there are simply weird. With this iPhone 5 cover you can show those around you that you are not just up to date with social media trends but you also use the Like button in real life.

Elegant Steampunk

Are into steampunk? Would you like to have that steampunk look even on your cool iPhone? Well, if you do then this cool Elegant Steampunk iPhone 5 Cover is definitely what you need. Just add the cover to your phone and it will look like that retro futuristic style you are trying to achieve.

Eat Sleep Guitar

This is the absolute perfect iPhone 5 case for that friend who loves playing the guitar and, well, that’s everything they do. The cover shows the following daily routine: eat, sleep and guitar. Each one of us has that musician friend who just loves his guitar and nothing else, so this is the right gift for them.

Cute Owl

Owls were a really big trend last year and they seem to be gaining popularity this year too with women all over the world trying to wear some owl accessory. Also, they are great and interesting creatures, so it’s obvious why people would appreciate them. This even looks like a vintage charm so it can go well with that trendy vintage look. Also, owls are very mysterious so the owner of this case will definitely have a mysterious personality to match it with.

Eiffel Tower

Check out this beautiful Eiffel Tower case; such a beautiful addition to your accessory will definitely turn some heads. You will never have a dull phone again, and this way you can express your love for French culture, music, architecture, and basically everything that means French. This sweet case offers not just protection for the phone but also a very stylish look. There was never a better way to enhance your phone!


Remember when mix tapes were a thing? When you had to make a mix tape in order to show your love for that special girl? Nowadays, they have been replaced by all types of affection gestures but they still remain a symbol of that old era when people were simpler and enjoyed simpler things.

Varnished Wood

Are you a wood enthusiast? Do you want to feel a connection with nature? This iPhone Case is definitely the best case for those with a passion for sculpting, carving or those who just appreciate wooden decks. For the most rustic of you, feel that connection with nature once again with the help of this fantastic case.

Wise Owl

Be funky with this cool funky owl. This colorful buddy is just the thing you need to match your hipster outfit with and you can never fail in terms of style when it comes to this cover. Owls are always great and mysterious so if you want to portray that or your passion for these amazing creatures, this cool iPhone 5 cover is just the right thing to match your phone with. Also, let’s not forget that owls are the symbol of wisdom.

Messed With Wrong Girl

Are you a cancer survivor? Is someone in your family or even you currently battling cancer? If the answer is yes, then this is a very cool iPhone 5 case to offer or have with you. It will certainly remind you that it is important to maintain positive thinking when trying to battle a disease and it will give you support during rough times.

Red Telephone Box

In a time when payphones are no longer in need and definitely not relevant for our society, you can still celebrate that red telephone vintage box with this cool iPhone 5 case. Give your phone a new style by making it look old. This iPhone 5 case is definitely not just a case, it’s a case with a story to tell, a case that takes you back in time, when telephoning somebody had a whole new meaning, very different than the one it has today.

Sketched Chest Superman

Price $44.95

This is such a nice iPhone case if you want to give your phone a retro and artsy look. We all remember the character that went on adventures and made our childhood happier so why not go superhero style with your phone too? And this is not just a picture with Superman, it’s a sketch that symbolizes an instance all of us remember, the moment when Superman takes his civil clothes off, revealing his superhero costume. An image that has been the subject of parodies, remakes, discussion and will remain in pop culture memory for a very long time. Sketched to look like a graphite drawing with colorful accents, this image is great for someone who is a comic book fan or simply somebody who loved Superman. You can choose it for your own iPhone or you can offer it as a gift ensuring that you have made a good impression.

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Price $34.95 

If you want to pair it with both a suit and a nice pair of jeans, this funky color combination can go with both casual and elegant attire so it’s a great choice if you want something that stands out without being to flashy. You won’t impress any girl at the bar, but you will certainly give you a nice elegant look that you can use to impress the right women. Also, if you are a woman, this case shows seriousness and the fact that you mean business; a combination of fuchsia, dark blue and carmine red is good enough for any type of outfit and will give you a bit of color. This is a great way to make sure that you have a fancy iPhone with a tasteful looking iPhone case that makes you stand out the right way, without having a kitschy aspect to it, like some colorful iPhone cases have.

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iFrogz Breeze

Price $22.99 

This is one of the coolest iPhone cases to have. It looks made out of carbon and we all know that carbon is the new thing right now. It has a nice techy feel to it and will make your phone look like it was created for a SciFi movie. An outstanding case, this particular model seems to be made with some of the most modern materials known to man and it surely gives your iPhone a sort of an indestructible feel. This is surely the best thing to offer a techy or geeky friend and a nice case to have yourself if you prefer a classy look with a more interesting touch to it. The design is very simple, in one dark grey color with a holes pattern so you won’t have to change it for a more formal look.

This is definitely a modern case to pimp up your iPhone with.

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Slipper Sandal

Price $10  

Do you miss those cool summer days? Then you will surely love this interesting iPhone case as it has a touch of summer to it. It looks like a rubber slipper, that amazingly comfortable footwear that you get to try during summer and you can now have it on your iPhone. Nobody will be like you, that’s for sure, so why not prepare your favorite phone for summer with this cool case. You can have this hip iPhone case right away and make sure that your phone is definitely more unique than ever. It even has the toe prints like the comfortable slippers and with its transparent blue color it’s so realistic that you might even want to try wearing your iPhone.  This is surely the best iPhone case for going to the beach and you can be sure that your friends are going to “get a kick” out of it.

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Price $9,95 

This is not an iPhone case but it’s definitely an important item, especially if you are a smoker. You can surely keep your stash here, be it smokes or something you want to carry with you easily in an iPhone shaped box. Utility is a quality much overlooked in this days and it’s often misunderstood because people think that they must sacrifice looks to get it, but with this cool iStash, you can have both, great looks and a great way to store your small items. It fits just the right amount of your most important valuables and protects them from humidity, falls, or various types of accidents. It’s a great small item that you can easily carry in your purse around so you also manage to get combine that great functionality with great mobility. So if you want to carry your smokes or other items around and make sure that they are protected, you can buy this wonderful item.

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Price $39,95 

Check out this amazing Cyclops case and its trendy style. This iPhone case has a great grip and will surely protect your phone from scratches and falls. Also, you can see the iPhone logo clearly which makes your phone get noticed easily. What’s cool about it is its retro futuristic look, as it manages to bring back that old Walkie Talkie feel, the communication devices we used when we were young. We should also mention the fact that it comes in great urban colors so if you are looking for something that is cool and trendy, this is definitely it. Fit for that urban guy or a more urban and less glamorous girl, this amazing iPhone case comes with a simple design that manages to easily stand out and show off your great style.

Don’t miss this cool opportunity of pimpin’ your iPhone the right way, in a really tasteful look.

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iFrogz Wrapz

Price $19,43 

The extra solid look of the iFrogs Wrapz iPhone case is not an optical illusion. Entirely made up of silicone, it uses thick layers and a special anti-dust technology to protect your phone. Beside, your favorite device will also benefit from the side bumpers, especially created to absorb all shock.

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Price $34,99 

Are you an ecologist? Then you will certainly appreciate the pure beauty of this iPhone case made of a biodegradable transparent material and the logo on its back cover. Not only will you use all the buttons at leisure, but you can remain faithful to your convictions while being trendy.

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Yellow Bird

Price $39 

This plastic case model has been created for kids as well as for adults who love the famous Angry Birds game, but also want to protect their mobile and to provide it with a trendy look.

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Price $24,99 

Available in many color versions, including electrifying ones (pink, yellow, blue, green), this cellphone case brings along both design and quality features: a trendy look and maximum protection at the same time.

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Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)

Armor Metal Hybrid

Price $40,07 

Protecting your iPhone like an armor, this case model is the perfect combination of simplicity, style and quality. Made up of durable materials, it is featured by an electric green stripe that strikes on a black background.

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Mophie Juice Pack

Price $125,95 

Providing full protection for the harshest conditions, this iPhone case includes a built-in battery – the largest one to have ever been built into a juice pack case. Solid looking, this case model is also a durable one.

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Price $24,99 

An iPhone case especially designed for men, but also for those women inclined to technical abilities, this model is inspired by the construction world. This is not solely a design issue, but also a technical feature: the bricks imitating pattern enables users to have a good hold of their gadget.

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Draco IV

Price $79,99  

Inspired from the aviation industry, this iPhone case combines cutting-edge technology with the ultimate design trend. The frame has a neon blue color and it also insures impact absorption, while also enabling easy access to all the device’s functions.

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The Fighter

Price $49  

A symbol of power for men, a sexy feature for women, the tiger is the focus of this case’s design and it suggests its features: high class versatility, extreme ease, durability.

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Black Ops

Price $149,99 

A highly elegant accessory, whose simplicity of design emphasizes the quality of raw materials and the protective features, Black Ops is for those who love simple, yet qualitative things.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (8 votes cast)

Belkin Essential 010

Price $29,99  

This iPhone case is featured by a geometrical pattern and extreme durability. The raw materials’ quality is enhanced by the engraved lines which make the iPhone easier to grip and hold.

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Rating: 8.2/10 (5 votes cast)

SteamPunk Art

Price $44,95  

An artistic design and high quality raw materials are the features that make this cover the perfect choice for bohemian spirits with a keen interest on industrial revolution and the progress it meant for our society.

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Carbon Fiber Red

Price $89,99  

Made up of two black carbon fiber halves connected by an aluminum red clip inspired from the aircraft industry, this iPhone case has been created for those with a keen interest in technology, an eye for design and a love for modern devices.

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ION 4 Carbon Fiber

Price $39,95  

This iPhone case’s carbon fiber black plate is enhanced by a durable and very elegantly cut polymer frame that provides your device with maximum protection and a touch of style.

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Splendid 3D Case By Acase

Price $12,99 

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Tank Case

Price $43,99  

Tired of screen protecting foils that get unglued after a short while? This case comes with a retractable screen shield that has been tested in accordance with US military standards and provides your mobile phone with dust, scratch and shock protection, but also with a unique look at the same time.

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Vapor COMP Epiphany

Price $129,99 

A timeless classical design, a dually-toned chromatic line, and a durable powder-coated frame are the main arguments for choosing this exquisite iPhone case model, created for the most demanding customers.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (5 votes cast)

Macedonia 3D iPhone Case

Price $34,99  

An elegant 3D laced iPhone case, this model is the perfect choice for those who love asymmetry of design and vivid colors.  Moreover, it includes a personalization option and it is featured by high quality raw materials that will protect your phone from scratches and mechanical shocks.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (3 votes cast)

Bird’s Nest

Price $34,95   

Both nature and craft lovers will simply fall in love with the exquisite, yet simple design of this iPhone case. Inspired by the natural world, it ensures maximum protection, while also providing your smartphone with a stylish look.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (4 votes cast)

Handmade Bamboo iPhone Case

Price: $69   

Environmentally friendly materials enthusiasts have now a very good option: this iPhone case is made of bamboo. Besides, this raw material is very flexible, ensuring a very good protection of the device.

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Rating: 8.2/10 (6 votes cast)

Vapor R8 Pro

Price $159,99  

This iPhone case’s creators have taken protection features very seriously and have pushed the design’s elegance to a maximum limit. Betting on the black and white contrast in point of elegance and on aircraft grade carbon fiber means making sure perfection level is reached.

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Rating: 8.8/10 (5 votes cast)

Capsule Rebel

Price $27,99 

Available in a wide range of colors, this iPhone case model combines technical innovation and exquisiteness of design. Abstract sculptural patterns and a last generation raw material (ADSP) are the main features of the Capsule Rebel iPhone case model.

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Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes cast)


Price $34,99  

Nature lovers, non-conformists, bohemian spirits, they will all love this case’s exquisite design inspired by the tree’s bark. The sculptural pattern provides a comfortable grip experience.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)

Star Trek

Price $25  

Science-fiction enthusiasts now have the perfect accessory as the back case is the support of an exquisite miniature of the original Starship Enterprise.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (4 votes cast)

Formula 4 Iphone Case

Price $39,99 

Easy to fit and use, this case is made using the latest technological advances. Both materials and techniques are inspired by aviation: high impact polycarbonate and grade carbon fiber fitted in a grid pattern that avoids “slipping between fingers’ accidents.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)

Tyres Iphone Case

Price $19,99 

An iPhone case especially designed for cars lovers, this model is inspired by one of the automobile accessories – the tires. This is not solely a design issue, but also a technical feature: the tires imitating pattern enables users to have a good hold of their phone.

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Rating: 8.6/10 (5 votes cast)