Leather Wallet Case

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This cute iPhone case looks like a nice wallet with the most adorable image on it. Here you have a cute girl with her little chicken telling you that you should keep smiling. That’s so cute! The little girl also holds ice-cream in her hands so it’s also the perfect reminder of summer and sweet goodies. With this playful design and the pastel colors it features, this case is definitely suited for a girl who wants to make sure that her feminine, cute and joyful side is expressed. Also, this is not just cute, but also a good way to protect your favorite phone from bumps, scratches, or even hits. You can combine it with a colorful outfit and take it with you wherever you go because you will certainly grow fond of this amazing case. Also, it’s very easy to assemble so you just slide it on your phone and go about your day.

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Have You Tried Turning it Off

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Here we have the catchphrase of the geeky show we all love, IT Crowd. Unfortunately, the show ended but there are many people who still remember it today. Are you an IT specialist and you are sick of people asking you what to do with their computers? Or perhaps you simply loved the show too much and couldn’t stand not getting this cool IPhone 5 cover? Whatever your story is you will surely be hip with this cool iPhone 5. It’s a funny catchphrase from a funny show that everybody loves. This lovely iPhone 5 case also comes with an impact resistant and flexible plastic shell that, although lightweight will provide enough coverage for any damage, so you can be sure that your favorite phone is safe. Also, it is the perfect way you can show your style and a bit of the things you loved the most.

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I Love Pickles

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Who doesn’t love pickles? They are crunchy and sour just like life tends to be sometimes. Also, they go well with anything, so you can’t hate pickles. With this cute pickle design iPhone cover you can add the maximum protection to that favorite phone of yours and also share your passion for pickles with a design that says: I “heart” pickles. It comes with a cool doodle style design that will surely make everybody smile whenever they see your phone.

This cute I Love Pickles iPhone 5 cover is made with hard shell plastic exterior and an interior that has an shock absorbing liner that will protect your device from any type of damage, be it hits or falls that are more severe but also daily wear and tear. Also, it provides great comfort as it has a nice sleek and lightweight design that will certainly make it your favorite.

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Electrical Outlet

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You can always feel and look different with a case like this. This cool Electrical Outlet iPhone 5 case is definitely what you need when trying to stand out with your style. It’s made with a smooth finish that will not feel very bulky while offering you the best protection you need for your iPhone, so it’s absolutely perfect. Get this cool case and you will never be cooler. Shortly, everybody will want to have one that looks the same. It’s so realistic people might want to plug their electronics in your phone. Even if you don’t feel like this is your style, it’s definitely a funny and cool gift for someone who owns an iPhone and they will always remember you as that person who knows what an interesting gift means.

The case is durable and made out of hard plastic while being very lightweight, just perfect to protect your phone thoroughly.

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Honey Badger Don’t Care

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Another internet meme is portrayed in this iPhone case, the honey badger that simply doesn’t care and we should all take example from it. If you are stressed with work, you are constantly fighting with your girlfriend or you simply have too many mean people around you, stop caring and there’s nothing more blissful than that. As soon as you do that you will notice how your life will drastically improve and there’s no way to remember it better than with this cool case that says: Keep calm and don’t care. That’s it, that’s all you have to do to stop everything that is hurting you emotionally. Use this on your iPhone 5 and you will remember every day how it is to stop being angry all the time and simply learn to enjoy a life without worries. It also comes in a nice and classy shade of red that will surely match your style.

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Give This Girl a Beer

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Are you different from all the girls out there? Do you love to party, have fun and meet people who are the same? This case is definitely meant for an outgoing person with a sense of humor who simply let’s all the prejudice and inhibitions behind. If you are that person, then you will love the cute message this case has: Give this girl a Beer. Also, it’s a great way to get free beers in pubs, so don’t forget to take it with you when you go out in a bar. And because you spend a lot of time in clubs and pubs you will definitely need the case to make sure that you don’t damage your iPhone as it comes with durable and hard plastic with a sleek design that matches all types of iPhone 5  (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint models). Next time you are trying to find something that matches your clothes, get something like this that matches your personality.

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Talk To The Hoof

Are you tired of people mindlessly talking about things that you don’t care about? Well, you can now tell them to talk to the hoof with this cool and funny iPhone 5 case. Definitely a conversation starter this cool case is perfect for school or at the office when you simply don’t have time to listen to everybody around you. Or you can mock yourself and talk to the hoof while talking on the phone, whatever you want this case to be, it’s simply funny and will definitely spark a lot of conversation and bring laughs at the table.

I Ate Some Pie

Are you a total geek? Do you know someone who is and also has an iPhone? Get this cool case for you or your friend and you will totally melt that geek soul. You don’t really need to tell people what’s the catch here, just let them figure it out themselves and it can really be a conversation started. What the message actually says is “I ate some Pie” but it kind of takes a geek to figure it out and they will surely love a bit of mystery.

Drink Beer And Carry On

Sometimes life gets hard, and when it does, we should all have some place to go. Some go to the church or a psychologist, while others prefer to go to the pub. This lightweight and cool iPhone 5 case is definitely for those who like going to the pub. It’s also the right case for those who have a special relationship with beer. It comes with a cool yellow design that reminds us of, well, beer and has a cute message that mocks the “keep calm” that started from the classic British World War II propaganda.

Botched Ecce Homo

Show your friends you have humor with one of the mess ups of the century, the woman who tried to restore a painting of Jesus by herself and didn’t do a good job. By ruining an old reminiscence of Christianity she managed to become extremely popular on the internet and ultimately became a meme. Now you can be part of this internet culture by showing that you too have humor and appreciate the good jokes in life, even if they are more cynical or ironic.

LIKE Thumb

Everybody likes Facebook and everybody you know probably uses it. One of the most popular social media website, Facebook is definitely the hip nowadays and people who don’t have an account there are simply weird. With this iPhone 5 cover you can show those around you that you are not just up to date with social media trends but you also use the Like button in real life.

Dinosaur Can’t Clap

This joke circulated on the internet for quite some time now and it was first a meme and then people started making T-shirts with it. Soon it became an international known funny and quite cruel message. If you are one of those who like a more cynical side to their jokes, you will surely love this cool iPhone 5 case.

Dad’s Sayings

Wherever you go, you shouldn’t forget the old sayings, especially the ones from your family, because you can learn valuable lessons from them. With this cool iPhone 5 case, you can be sure that you won’t forget them because they are all written there. Sayings like “When I was your age, a bit of dirt didn’t hurt anyone” or “Don’t make me stop this car” are both valuable life lessons and funny quotes that you can laugh about with your friends. So definitely don’t hesitate to get this cool cover for your iPhone and you will always have a conversation starter.

Freak Out

Are you bored of the same internet memes being displayed on social networks and offline on T-shirts and other items all the time? Be different! Get this cool iPhone 5 case and you will be against trends. While people try to keep calm and do all sorts of things, this will bring out the nonconformist out of you. You can show everybody else that you don’t like being calm and running around is cool, even in the weirdest situations.

Forever Alone

If you are disappointed with the average cases that are being offered for iPhone 5 because they might not show your style or personality, well this case is for those of us who are special. It is the forever alone case.


Remember when mix tapes were a thing? When you had to make a mix tape in order to show your love for that special girl? Nowadays, they have been replaced by all types of affection gestures but they still remain a symbol of that old era when people were simpler and enjoyed simpler things.

Blah Blah Blah

Show off that you are a real woman with this cool iPhone 5 cover. Made with lovely pastel colors and a cool vintage design to it, this cover will show that you love talking on the phone but also love being in style. There’s nothing more suited for a woman who loves iPhones than this cover and you can also offer it as a gift in a funny way for a girl who talks too much on the phone.

Red Bird

Price $24,99 

This cute iPhone case features our favorite character, one of the birds from Angry Birds. And if you don’t know what Angry Birds is you have been living under a rock. This is one of the most addictive and fun games you can play so if you are a real fan, you definitely need to get this hip iPhone case. The angry birds features a bunch of birds that are launched at pigs and their structures with the sole purpose of destroying them. This game managed to become quite a hit after being released on iPhones, so do your iPhone a service and get a cool case with it too. The design features a red angry bird on a simple white background, creating a great style so that you can pimp up your phone and make sure that people notice that you love this popular video game, not to mention the fact that the birds are so cute.

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Price $16 

Are you in for innovative design combined with unique protection providing technology? Then this transparent iPhone case featured by a stylish paw patterned look is the perfect choice for you.

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Price $10,99 

Have you ever thought of making your iPhone look like a shoe? With this silicone case model you can do exactly this while also making sure it is entirely protected from scratches and dust. Moreover, the colored lace can be turned into a hang-on device.

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Price $32 

The sexy rabbits and their furry pink tails have never gone out of fashion. Now you have the opportunity to provide your own iPhone with the look of such a cute pet. Its silicone ears come to enhance the design’s attractiveness while the tail can turn into a support to use while in the office.

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Ice Cream Sandwich

Price $17,99  

Looking pretty real and appetizing, this snap-on case has been conceived by means of a unique design method and using high quality raw materials especially to provide your iPhone 4 or 4S with a cool summer look.

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Cassette Tape

Price $37,81 

Although cassette tapes have long ago disappeared from the market, vintage audio supports lovers now have a chance of combining modern technology with nostalgic features. You will enjoy the high quality features of modern audio techniques while showcasing your favorite cassette tape look.

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Edward Scissors

Price $35  

A plastic iPhone case for black and white pictures, the Edward Scissors model comes with an exquisite design as well as with a high level protection.

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Rotary Dial IPhone Case

Price $25  

A creative and humoristic design places the iPhone’s ancestor on its back cover. The polycarbonate material and the easy access to all the iPhone’s functionalities recommend this case model.

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Rainbow iPhone Case

Price $25 

The Rainbow case has been designed for straight people with a thing for rainbows and colorful design. As if to enhance the visibility of the message engraved on its polycarbonate back, the case is transparent. All control buttons are easily accessible as the model has especially designed slots.

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Melted Cover For iPhone

Price $25,99 

The perfect summer accessory, this case model provides your mobile phone with an eatable look. Made of plastic, it has an inner placement for maximum protection.

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Funny Phone Booth Print Iphone 4 Case

Price $39,95 

A girlish model inspired by the history of the phone industry, this iPhone case provides you with maximum protection, humor and very personal style.

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