Vintage Cassette Tape

Do you remember the times when CDs didn’t exist or they were too high tech for everyone to buy? If you do, you also remember cassettes tapes and how they had that special charm to them. Nothing says vintage more than cassettes and as vintage is always stylish you will definitely be trendy with your 5 Retro Music Cassette Tape iPhone cover.

Vintage Camera

Enhance your hipster personality and show off with this cool vintage camera that has been transformed in an iPhone 5 cover. Now when you take pictures, people won’t be able to tell you are using a high tech device and will only see that cool retro styled camera that is shown on the back of your phone.

Vintage Dog

Be more vintage than ever and show off that cool hipsterish side of you with this cool cover for the iPhone 5 that portrays a vintage drawing of a dog with blue mustache, a monocle and a bow tie. It doesn’t get classier than that!

Elegant Steampunk

Are into steampunk? Would you like to have that steampunk look even on your cool iPhone? Well, if you do then this cool Elegant Steampunk iPhone 5 Cover is definitely what you need. Just add the cover to your phone and it will look like that retro futuristic style you are trying to achieve.

Red Telephone Box

In a time when payphones are no longer in need and definitely not relevant for our society, you can still celebrate that red telephone vintage box with this cool iPhone 5 case. Give your phone a new style by making it look old. This iPhone 5 case is definitely not just a case, it’s a case with a story to tell, a case that takes you back in time, when telephoning somebody had a whole new meaning, very different than the one it has today.

Blah Blah Blah

Show off that you are a real woman with this cool iPhone 5 cover. Made with lovely pastel colors and a cool vintage design to it, this cover will show that you love talking on the phone but also love being in style. There’s nothing more suited for a woman who loves iPhones than this cover and you can also offer it as a gift in a funny way for a girl who talks too much on the phone.

Groovy Owl

Price $41.85 

This cool and trippy owl is exactly what you need to be the life of the party and bring a lot of color to your outfit. Just pimp up your iPhone with this baby and you can have a colorful accessory that’s perfect for that spring or summer look. You can make sure that everybody will be green with envy when you arrive with your good looking iPhone.  And who doesn’t like cute owls anyway? What’s cool about this case is the fact that it can also be the perfect gift for a friend who loves owls or somebody who likes colors. This lovely owl comes on a beautiful poppy red colored background and it’s a great way to decorate your phone. Great for hipsters, hippies, owl lovers, or people who simply want to make their days more colorful and you cannot fail in doing that with this lovely case.

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Retro 80

Price $19,99 

You can use a typewriter instead of your laptop to be quite the vintage fan hipster, but that would serve no purpose in the long run. However, you don’t need to actually buy an old retro phone, you can simply transform your cool iPhone into something really retro with this cool case. This is also a cool gift for the 80s-early 90s nostalgic people, a direct reminder of the first mobile phones and the movies they were portrayed in. So this is really a conversation starter, both for movie enthusiasts and techy enthusiasts because it manages to be a big part of pop culture history. Forget about glamorous and colorful iPhone cases when you can have this extremely well done, cool and quite unique case that will also protect your phone. And you can be sure that you will get noticed when you take this out of your pocket and put it on the table.

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Portel Retro Modern

Price $99 

If you want a smart solution combining protection, card slots, pure aged leather and a retro, yet modern look, search no more as this is the item you have been after.

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Metallic Hammered Case

Price $34,95  

The Metallic Hammered iPhone case is featured by a simple, yet very elegant design and high quality raw materials. The reversed fish scales pattern makes the case more suitable for everyday use as it enables an easy hold and avoids accidents.

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Vintage Camera Case For Iphone 4 / 4S

Price $35 

Although the iPhone has an in-built camera, there are still vintage spirits who long after their old devices. This case enables them to carry it along, while also protecting their modern device.

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FabShell Burton for iPhone 4/4S

Price: $39,95 

Equipped with a solid back cover and screen protecting bezel, this iPhone case model combines security with style and elegance. It is available in a wide variety of colors and fabric imitating patterns.

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