Pink Armband

Price $4,78 

This absolutely gorgeous Pink Armband will keep your iPhone tight and secured while you get all free movement and great sense of liberty. Now you can take your cool iPhone with you everywhere including when you work out or during your morning run. With this secured armband you can be sure that it will stay tight during any movement you might want to make. Also, it’s great when you have to work with your hands, you have no pockets available and you simply have to have your iPhone near you for important matters. It will also keep it safe from shocks and general wear and tear. It comes in a beautiful light pink shade with black accents so it’s perfect for those women that are extremely busy. The screen is visible so you can easily access your phone while wearing it on your hand in the most comfortable way you can.

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Price $10,90 

This is a clear nod to all soccer fans out there and they can easily show the love for their team with this fantastic Blaugrana iPhone case. When your motto is “More than a club” (Més que un club), you know you are a really special team and this is one of the most popular teams in the world. It is definitely more than just a team, it has been known as the very essence of the soccer game. With this cool iPhone case, you can show your support for your favorite team and have the instant conversation starter, with both other Barcelona fans and fans of rival teams. Besides showing your love for the team, the color combination is quite interesting and you can easily match it with any type of casual clothing. You will certainly be in the center of attention in any type of social situation with this cool case.

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Ping Pong

Price $13,45 

Taking on the easy to hold pattern of ping pong paddles, this lightweight case model made of molder rubber is aimed at providing your cellphone with maximum protection as well as a touch of style.

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Belkin EaseFit Sport Armband

Price $24,99 

Tired of having to put your iPhone aside whenever you are engaged in physical activities? With the innovative armband incorporated in this case, you can continue talking on the phone or listening to music while exercising, running or driving.

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ArmBand Case For Iphone

Price $44,99 

This is not just another model of smartphone case. While ensuring the screen is well protected and the whole device well-fitted, it also enables you to carry it around anywhere you go, as long as you can adopt a casual outfit. Moreover, the mobile phone is set on a rotating belt clip that allows you to change its position according to your needs.

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BullFrogz Case

Price $34,99 

Designed for heavy-use, this iPhone case model is made of lightweight and highly flexible polycarbonate and it is featured by buttons protecting removable capsules. Thus, your smartphone is protected both from small dust or sand particles and from mechanic shocks.

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Sport Armband Case for iPhone and iPod

Price $25 

With this innovative case model, you can securely wear it while running, doing gym exercises, hiking or even gardening. ArmBand iPhone case has been especially designed for active persons who want to be able to take calls or listen to their favorite music while engaged in other activities.

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