Labato For iPhone 5S

Posted on November 24, 2013

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I’m a big fan of these products as I bought a few of the Labato products both for myself and for my acquaintances. The delivery is super-fast and that’s one aspect that I admire as I can be sure that I get my product in time for whatever event I want it for. Another aspect that keeps me coming every time is the customer support. I love the fact that whenever I have an issue or a question about one of their products they get answered really fast. Also the company is kind enough to help me out with delivery information. So I am very grateful for their support and great customer service as I’ve had quite a few bad experiences with that in the past from other companies.

I got this product from them for my iPhone 5 and I wanted it to be a sort of gift for my new phone and a way to protect it from scratches and various hits and bumps that may happen during the day. Since I have a small kid and he always likes to play with my phone I always make sure that there’s something that can protect it because he has a habit of dropping it on the floor. So I bought this case for my iPhone as I found it to be really elegant not lacking taste like most cases out there. I’m happy there’s nothing glittery on it or big golden parts that are used as “decor” as I’ve seen many like to add to their phones.  So one of the reasons I’ve got this was the simplicity. Now when it comes to the actual product there are many things to say: first of all, I love the fact that the front cover has finger access and there is no need to flip over to answer calls I might get.  Another fact that makes this case a great is the fact that it has a cut for camera, unlike my other case that required me to take out the phone in order to take a picture and that was a pretty big hassle.

All in all I am very happy with the product and the leather quality is absolutely excellent and has a really nice feel to it.

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