Vintage Camera

Posted on May 20, 2013

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Enhance your hipster personality and show off with this cool vintage camera that has been transformed in an iPhone 5 cover. Now when you take pictures, people won’t be able to tell you are using a high tech device and will only see that cool retro styled camera that is shown on the back of your phone. If you are a photographer, this makes it even more suitable because you can show the entire world that you are a fan of the old way things were made in the past. This is definitely the perfect stylish way you can now protect your iPhone and it’s also very lightweight, not that bulky type of cover that sometimes makes our favorite phone hard to handle. Also, it can be a great conversation started and you can also impress those that are like you, especially those that share your photography hobby or love for vintage things.

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Vintage Camera, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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