Vintage Cassette Tape

Posted on May 22, 2013

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Do you remember the times when CDs didn’t exist or they were too high tech for everyone to buy? If you do, you also remember cassettes tapes and how they had that special charm to them. Nothing says vintage more than cassettes and as vintage is always stylish you will definitely be trendy with your 5 Retro Music Cassette Tape iPhone cover. Also, this cool cassette iPhone cover is also extremely funky and you can also use it as a gift for a person who misses the good old days or collects old memorabilia.

Take this vintage cassette with you on your iPhone wherever you go and show people that you too are appreciating the small things that used to give us a good time in the past. It will easily slip on your phone and protect it really well from any type of scratches or damages sustained by accident.

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